Angelica Foundation's Mexico Human Rights Program 2017

Angelica celebrates its 25th year working in the social movements and indigenous communities of Mexico.

Our themes include:

  • Attending to victims cases while advocating for judicial reform
  • Community development and resistance to extractive mega-projects
  • Indigenous land rights
  • Women's right
  • Indigenous media
  • Press freedom and security

A letter from the philanthropic front of Mexico’s Human Rights movement…

Suzanne and James Gollin
August, 2017

Modern Mexico is divided by race, by region, by politics, by class, but with the still present hope of rising above those divisions to form a modern nation built on respect for the human rights of its people. A visitor to modern cities with functional infrastructure, sees crowded cafes, a vibrant culture bridging past and present, and well-educated, dedicated and sincere activists working in a burgeoning non-profit sector.

At the same time, corruption and impunity in Mexico’s judicial and military systems have grown, rural indigenous people continue to be dispossessed by a neo-liberal system that assigns mining concessions to foreign corporations on land once farmed with native corn. This occurs while women, migrants, and those who are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time are suffering threats and violence now worse even than the Calderon sexenio (2006-2012). Threats against journalists and free expression are at full blown crisis levels. Mexico is a place of both hope and despair, of determined and persistent progress and yet of tragic lapses.

In this period of catastrophic violence and corruption, simple survival can be seen as a kind of victory. Amidst the human rights violations and impunity of contemporary Mexico, the innovative and dogged persistence of human rights activists fighting for a better society is cause for, if not celebration, at least respectful admiration. Our grantees have scored significant progress on a number of fronts.

List of 2017 Grants

Mexico Human Rights Program

Domestic Grants Program

Sigrid Rausing Trust

The Angelica Foundation is the proud partner of the Sigrid Rausing Trust, which has supported our Mexico work for more than a decade. Since its founding in 1995, SRT has given away more than $500 million dollars to human rights organizations throughout the world.

Sigrid Rausing