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Angelica Foundation

The Angelica Foundation is a private foundation, operating in New Mexico. Since our founding in 1992, we have supported progressive organizations and programs in the U.S. and Mexico that empower communities to become more economically, socially and environmentally just.

Angelica funds a human rights program in Mexico to: Promote democracy and transparency; Advocate for the rights of women; Defend the rights of indigenous people; Advocate for drug police reform; And to advance humane immigration and economic policies in the Americas.

We are legally incorporated as a small, 501(c)(3) non-profit, private family foundation.

Milagro - Angel

A letter from the field, January 2020

By Suzanne Gollin and James Gollin

2019 was a difficult year for human rights in Mexico and for immigration justice in the United States. Donald Trump continued his war against immigrants, demonizing our neighbors and building walls to divide us. In spite of the promise of a new progressive Mexican President, violence surged throughout the country and a humanitarian catastrophe spread through communities along the Mexican side of the border. It was a year of fear and family separations and tearful airport goodbyes.

It was also a year of fierce resistance in the immigration justice movements, of trans-border solidarity in struggle. There were marches and actions, funding initiatives and humanitarian border tours. And in the midst of all of that, it was also a year of important changes for us here at the Angelica Foundation.

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Milagro - Directors


Angelica supports organizations in the U.S. and Latin America working to defend human rights and the environment.

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Milagro - Grants


Our invitation-only grant-making focuses on progressive social justice & human rights programs in the U.S. and Mexico.

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Milagro - Journeys


We bring together donors, allies, and concerned citizens to educate and advocate for new social justice paradigms.

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Milagro - Activism


Angelica’s support for the Caravan for Peace with Justice & Dignity typifies our commitment to social justice movements.

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